Maureen Crowley makes an idiot out of herself in public

I challenge anybody to watch the whole thing without laughing. She spends a minute or so blathering about herself, and then launches into the proof of the hoax “catched” by Bing. She is the perfect embodiment of a Sandy Hook Truther — a stupid, inarticulate, third-rate mind.

5 thoughts on “Maureen Crowley makes an idiot out of herself in public”

  1. I watched the entire video and don’t think there is anything funny about it. As Ms Crowley so honestly and eloquently states, “This is serious”. I think every point she raises is valid

  2. Who has something to gain from the sandy hook debacle? Not Ms. Crowley or Wolfgang Halbig…. Who got millions of dollars, a new elementary school, book deals, new homes (?), and a gun control sob story that would make Rambo consider surrending his weapon. You must view her as a threat. Why else would you spend the time trying to discredit her?

  3. Wolfgang Halbig certainly has something to gain. He has made 10s of thousands of dollars if not millions from donations for his fundraising scams that he has lined straight into his pockets from his gullible sheep followers who readily donate to him at the snap of a finger, under the guise of paying his “attorney fees” when rally, it’s been to fatten up his wallet the whole time. Follow your own advice for once and wake up, sheep.

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