Sweaty fat idiot Clark Barkley spearheads inquiry into the Great Swingset Mystery

This dipshit thread is a good example of minds deteriorated by too much television. On TV, photos always give up clues when they are stared at long enough. You will notice that not one of these idiots can ascribe any significance to the swingset, the unseen TV, the video games, the clutter, or the shadows; but since they’re in the photos, they have to mean something. Barkley never does get around to explaining why the conspirators helpfully left so many clues lying around.

As a few people point out, a swingset in the yard of a 20-year-old isn’t really that weird. Clark misses this opportunity to learn from his error. Because Clark Barkley, being a Sandy Hook Truther, is mentally defective.

barkley sweaty fat fuck

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