Sandy Hook Truthers would like to show you what a real mass shooting looks like, except there’s never actually been one

Amusing idiot infighting at Tony Mead’s Super Secret Sandy Hook Pedostalker Group. Here’s how it starts:

At first Daneen gets some approving reactions:

Then, suddenly, she finds herself trying to talk sense into Linda Ceekay and Swilly, two of the Secret Group’s most severely mentally ill specimens:

I’m not sure what the New Atlantis refers to, unless it’s this, which doesn’t quite fit. Then again, Swilly is subject to enough persistent delusions that there’s probably no point trying to work it out.

The attacks continue, and Daneen is reduced to repeating “watch the movie”, because, well, that’s what Truthers do, instead of actually thinking for themselves.

Swilly makes the most beautiful comment ever; this summarizes, EXACTLY, the defect with these peoples’ minds. What he says is a lie, and would be irrelevant even if it were true.

Daneen, you may recall, first lost her job over her Sandy Hook Trutherism, and then shared her own mother’s Connecticut death certificate, causing Tony Mead himself to admit that Noah Pozner’s death certificate is genuine. A normal person would have learned from these experiences and broken ties with this group, but here she is again, pissing on her deceased mother’s memory. Will this incident be the one that finally wakes her up? Probably not.