Reich and Halbig all but forgotten as Sandy Hook Truthers launch newest legal fantasy

You’d think that Jonathan Reich and Wolfgang Halbig would be enjoying support from Tony Mead’s flock of mental degenerates, but you’d be wrong. Remember, Reich spent about a year as a fugitive at the urging of Tony and Wolf, under some crackpot idea that the hoax would be exposed in court; and Wolf himself is struggling to defend himself in his own harassment lawsuit. But their names scarcely appear in the Super Secret Stalker Group these days. This is partly because Sandy Hook Truthers do not learn very quickly, and partly because walking yeast culture Maureen Crowley has kicked off a new initiative:

The biggest problem with this idea, of course, is that these idiots don’t understand how a federal grand jury works. As Maureen’s link explains, a federal grand jury convenes when a prosecutor has a named suspect in a federal crime, or at least alleges that a federal crime has been committed or is ongoing in their district. They don’t convene, ever, at the request of delusional people signing petitions. The signatories here can’t even articulate what crime they think has been committed, or by who.

I didn’t open most of the replies, because it’s just Maureen repeating  “thank you” to herself, much like she famously does here. But I did find the reply from Hamish Spencer amusing: an Australian signature would be just as useful as any other signature in this ridiculous scheme.


Did Wolfgang Halbig really spend $100,000 on hookers and cocaine?

I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is that he’s raised about that much money in the past four years, yet was unable to afford legal representation on March 28, during which he got his fat ass kicked around a bit during a hearing in Pozner v. Halbig. Leonard Pozner, you will recall, is rightly suing Halbig for Halbig’s pattern of demented harassment.

I don’t think Pozner’s attorney needed to spend so much time objecting to the cameraman’s presence. We Are Change is a well-known 9/11 Truth organization, meaning it’s not legitimate journalism, but fair is fair: he was better behaved during the proceeding than the defendant was. In addition, Truthers of all types tend to make idiots themselves any time they open their mouths in court, so the more coverage of that insanity, the better.

The most amusing moments on the tape are the several minutes Halbig spends wondering out loud whether Pozner really is who he says he is, during which the judge patiently reminds him several times that since he answered Pozner’s complaint, he has forfeited any right to question Pozner’s standing. Toward the end he almost gets thrown out by the bailiff for mouthing off, which he avoids by whining an apology. Along the way he plays the “but I’m acting pro se” card several times; that is, uses stupidity as his excuse for failure to respond to Pozner’s discovery requests, which no doubt have him terrified and/or confused.

And who was there to lend moral support? None other than bankrupt drug addict Tony Mead, who managed the long drive from Hollywood without crippling any of his friends:

Tony, likewise, remains befuddled by the idea that a person could be known under multiple names.

Halbig has about a month to get his act together. He’s a little over 70 and morbidly obese, so a fatal heart attack is most likely in his future, but until that time I’m happy to watch him suffer humiliation in court. He deserves it.