Meet the Nutjobs: Mark Joyce

Mark Joyce, one of the most active posters in Tony Mead’s pedostalker group, is a walking freakshow. Let’s start with this:


When he’s not threatening people who disagree with him, he’s stalking and fantasizing about adolescent girls:


Yes, he’s another one of these psychopaths obsessed with photos of children. A six-year-old Sandy Hook victim would only be ten today, but never mind: Mark’s too excited by the prospect of attention from a 14-year-old girl to care about that.

So who is this creep anyway? For starters, he runs In Q Picture Framing, at 5728 Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles. In Q has undergone at least two name changes on Mark’s watch, which suggests financial and/or reputational difficulties.



Mark at one time had the domain registered, but near as I can tell it never contained any content. I’m also not sure what to make of this other business registered at In Q’s address. In light of the Sandy Hook Duck scandal, there must be a connection here, somewhere.


Paying the rent on Melrose would be hard enough for a sane person with a viable business model, and In Q is definitely a third-rate operation. We must conclude that somebody’s bankrolling Mark’s habitual failure, probably in an effort to keep him out of jail. He’s like a cross between Joe Jones and Robin Weigel, a retarded man-child who throws around other peoples’ money while retreating into an artsy-fartsy fantasy world. It doesn’t excuse the endless hours Mark spends staring at photos of little girls, but it does explain it.