The Sandy Hook Truth Movement suffers worst recorded decline in quality

Leave it to demented alcoholic failure Tony Mead to ruin everything. Even his private closed secret brothel of drug-addicted child predators is deteriorating.  There are only about a dozen people posting, and they’re repeating themselves, and half of it is off-topic. When they do get around to talking about Sandy Hook you get this kind of vapid stupidity.

kelly hunter is a sick vaginal wart

Three of the very sickest of the sick here. Mark Joyce is the owner of a picture framing shop and has a reputation for being a bit of a drama queen. Apart from that tired old “free houses” nonsense, no idea what his point here, if any, might be. Marc Watson needs no introduction, and death-threatening alligator-loving psycho Kelly Hunter has also been covered here multiple times. Mike Zincke seems befuddled about what’s going on in front of him, which isn’t uncommon for these people.

I pause here to note that Kelly Hunter is repulsive inside and out. It’s not often that mental illness is written so clearly on the face.


These shallow idiots are almost enough to make me miss the Jeff Dryden days. At least Jeff was funny and not completely stupid. Those guys need to start entertaining me if they want me to keep breaking back in.