Robin Weigel’s dysfunctional history revealed; world not very surprised

rcwbeforeandafterYou remember Robin, the YouTube lunatic and AstroGlide aficionado obsessed with Lenny Pozner. YouTube pulled the plug on his original HowISeeIt channel thanks to his incessant victim-stalking. He’s since set up additional channels, but it’s just more of the same unhinged, psychotic rants and phone calls to victims, so don’t feel compelled to catch up with him.

But some new details about Robin’s background have surfaced, and surprise surprise, his family has that history of drug addiction and mental illness that we see again and again in Truthers. Robin’s sister will tell us about it. I’ve decided to withhold her name for reasons I’ll explain in a moment:

Screenshot - 07182016 - 12:01:52 AM

In addition to a drug-addicted mother, this person has no doubt also suffered under her brother’s severe mental illness. Considering she lost her 19-year-old stepson Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005, this must make Robin’s sick behavior even more difficult to stomach. That’s why I’m not going to state her identity; she’s suffering enough. The links in this post will lead you there if you really need to know it.

It occurred to me that Robin is somewhat reminiscent of Albert Fish. Both grew up in an environment of mental illness; both have a history of obscene communications to strangers; both have a patent dislike of children; both have effeminate tendencies mixed with unhinged rage; and both are irrefutably insane. If only Robin would force needles in his body and go sit in an electric chair then we’d all be better off.