Sandy Hook Truthers debate sinister Disney alligator mind control operation

The recent alligator attack on a toddler at Walt Disney World hotel has, unsurprisingly, triggered the usual knee-jerk insanity at Tony Mead’s Secret Pedostalker Group. Linda Ceekay kicks it off, but it’s demented psychopath Kelly A. Hunter who really runs with it.



You may recall Kelly from her death threats against Roseburg Shooting hero Chris Mintz, and yeah, it’s safe to say that any child in her care would probably be safer in a gorilla cage. She’s clearly insane. And she’s nowhere near finished. She can’t decide which upsets her more, the fact that the story is fake or that a bunch of innocent alligators have been murdered (which incidentally would mean that the story isn’t fake, but Kelly is too stupid to notice her own contradiction).



The group begins to take a dim view of Kelly’s tirade. Even the aggressively stupid Diane Jakopovic sounds reasonable by comparison.gators5

Trevor Lahey also asks a very good question, which angers Kelly even further.


Anybody who still entertains the idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax is insane by definition. I don’t need to make these people look like loons; they objectively are loons, all of them. But it is interesting to note how willing most of them are to believe that most large events have been secretly engineered, while everyday small events are just everyday small events. It’s fascinating that they can never explain how they know what they think they know in objective, coherent terms. And it’s always fun to watch idiots quarreling.

The whole thing is here.