Meet the Nutjobs: Laurel Glaze

Laurel Glaze is… ugh. It’s easier if I just show you:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 08:49:22 PM

Laurel is another one those airheads favored by Tony Mead, posting almost daily in his Super Secret Stalker Group about false flags and Illuminati and Freemasons and the NWO and so on. Most of it isn’t all that interesting, honestly. Her Twitter profile reveals a little extra info:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:08:53 PM

The first four items on her list aren’t much to get worked up about, but then we get to “Anti-NWO”, which suggests we’re dealing with a crazy person. “Friend of of Bill W.” is a politically correct term for “recovering drunk”, another trait commonly seen with these lunatics. And judging from a few of her tweets we can say with confidence that, yes, Laurel Glaze is quite insane.

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:20 PM Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:19 PM

But, um, what’s this? Do ultra-conservative Christians really carry on secret online relationships with married men?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:41:12 PM

At first I didn’t even take this seriously, because these things are easy to fake. But I almost choked when I saw one of the comments. Where else but Tony’s group of undesirables can you find a baby killer losing his wife after sending phone money to a fellow lunatic?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:46:07 PM

Side note: in reality, Ted Cruz’s role in the 2000 recount was limited to delivering some papers across the street; Ted Olson was the lawyer who made Bush’s oral argument to the Supreme Court. Olson’s wife was killed on 9/11, but let’s not start down that rabbit hole please.

Tony Mead admits Noah Pozner’s death certificate appears genuine, immediately apologizes to Lenny Pozner as stipulated in Step 9

Ha ha, just kidding about that last part. Even though Tony has never made amends for the lives he’s ruined with his years of drunken self-indulgence and abuse, it is true that he recently admitted Noah Pozner’s death certificate is real.

Screenshot - 05042016 - 02:02:53 PM

This came about after Daneen Rogers, who was featured here after Sandy Hook Trutherism cost her her job, shared her mother’s Connecticut death certificate. The anomalies and signs of forgery supposedly so evident in Noah Pozner’s certificate – different fonts, different shadings, handwriting – are exactly duplicated here.


A sane, intelligent person can see the implications pretty easily. Tony acknowledges that the death certificate is genuine, meaning that Noah Pozner in fact died, which means that Lenny Pozner is telling the truth. Even in the face of this plain logic, Diane Jakopovic isn’t ready to give up hope just yet:

Screenshot - 05042016 - 02:21:58 PM

Notice how the supposed evidence has instantly shifted 180 degrees, from “Noah’s is an obvious forgery” to “Noah’s is an undetectable forgery”. The thread comes to an abrupt end as the morons choose to ignore this inconvenient information, but we’ll watch for further developments in this area.

Guy named Lenny pretty sure it’s OK to have “Lenny” on your birth certificate

It’s not really news anymore when Tony Mead does or says something stupid, but this was so stupid it made me smile:

Screenshot - 05012016 - 12:04:51 PM

Aging stoners Tony and Barb are adamant that nicknames never appear in official documents, but in reality it’s pretty common. In fact Tony was once sued under his own nickname. If this wasn’t a valid filing the court would have rejected it.


I agree that a birth certificate in any jurisdiction will almost certainly require the child’s full legal name, but you can’t argue that a document is invalid or fraudulent simply because it contains a shortened version of somebody’s name. That’s the typical wishful, simplistic, one-dimensional thinking Truthers of all types suffer from.

No clue what Mr. Pereira was suing Tony for, but most likely for some kind of damage to property. Tony still gets the shakes sometimes.

Side note: Swilly the Stalker usually obsesses about OCTOGON and dreams of feeding dead women to his dog Tia. Today he’s got Len Pozner on his mind. Go figure.