Tony Mead’s pedostalker group implodes in critical mass of paranoia

This orgy of stupid happened a few days ago, but I’m just now getting to it. It starts with some paranoia from Ryan Ehlis:

Screenshot - 03242016 - 07_52_36 PM

Remember, “sound mind” Ryan Ehlis is the guy who shotgunned his infant daughter to death in 1999 and got off by blaming it on Adderall. Ryan then tried to cash in by suing the maker of Adderall, Shire Richwood, which was also unsuccessful. (Read paragraph 3 carefully; by my calculations, he took 23 doses on Day 10. I cannot conceive how he carries no responsibility for his own Adderall intoxication.)

When Ryan follows up with information about his encounter with the guys from Treasury, the Closed Group geniuses bristle with uninformed suspicion:

ehlis potato 1

Serial idiot Mark Joyce wants some answers from Ryan, and is very concerned about the sanctity of the group (which is hard for me to even type without laughing):

ehlis potato 2

The idiots ramble back and forth for a while, wondering what these guys wanted, why they were sent, why other people weren’t sent, why none of this makes sense, and what Ryan is up to.

And then, out of absolutely nowhere:

ehlis potato 3

Dee Dee Fredrickson is an extremely nasty, toxic bitch. She once got into it with Jermain Hawver as I recall, about… oh who the hell knows anymore.

Anyway, these idiots go at each others’ throats for a very long time, half of them arguing that since Ryan was acquitted it’s a moot point (which is true) and the other half insisting that a horrible injustice was done by letting him get off (which is also true). This continues until Tony shows up to start booting people. Tony seems to understand that everybody thinks about killing their baby daughter sometimes.

ehlis potato 4

The entire spectacle is here. It’s really worth a read.

Fetzer’s PayPal account, HowISeeIt’s eBay account, and Tracy’s checking account

A few developments worth a mention.

Like others before him, senile Holocaust-denying psychopath James Fetzer has had his PayPal account terminated. Kudos to PayPal for refusing to participate in conspiracy profiteering. Laugh at Fetzer while you can; he’s 75 and deteriorating quickly.

Screenshot - 03222016 - 08:35:57 PM

The mystery of how HowISeeIt, also known as failed screenwriter and permanent Hollywood outsider Robin Weigel, supports himself has been solved: he peddles old junk through his eBay store.  You won’t find any iPods or impact wrenches here. Most of this stuff would be right at home on Liberace’s piano.

Screenshot - 03242016 - 08:48:07 PM Screenshot - 03242016 - 08:47:21 PM

And finally, disgraced unemployed lunatic scumbag professor James Tracy will have to dip into whatever’s left of his own money, having raised scarcely 20% of what he was seeking to cover his legal action against FAU. Tracy claims that he “very much” wants his old job back, so it’s impossible to tell what he was thinking by firing his union attorney and hiring this clown instead.

Thanks to those who submitted these tips. You know who you are.

Sandy Hook Truthers demand sweeping, immediate changes to reality in umpteenth Internet petition

Most normal people realize that Internet petitions are ineffective. Because they’re easy to set up and sign, they remain popular among the intellectually lazy. So it’s hardly a surprise that some new kook has come along to give it a shot. If nothing else, this guy deserves credit for blowing Halbig’s notorious 16 questions out of the water with his own list of 51.

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:17:33 PM

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:21:02 PM

Oh wait, better make that 50 questions. I guess the first thing we can laugh at is this fellow being too stupid to count. Next up would be the execrable grammar and disorganized thinking in his request — these are classic markers of low intelligence and mental illness. The list itself is the usual re-hash of irrelevant trivia, half-truths and outright lies that these weirdos deal in.

It’s hard to be certain, but it appears that the originator of the petition, one Richard Carlisle, may also be the owner / operator of extremely shady looking financial website, which charges only $37 a month for the privilege of reading some random layman’s opinions about trading:

Screenshot - 03202016 - 03:29:44 PMScreenshot - 03202016 - 03:30:00 PM

Not sure I’d pay that kind of money to a guy who can’t even count to 50.

Meet the Nutjobs: Robin Weigel

A YouTube crazy calling himself HowISeeIt runs a channel which is your generic fever swamp of demented Internet paranoia. Like many of his type, this fellow goes through life with a raging boner for Lenny Pozner. You don’t need to sit through the whole thing to get an idea of how nuts this guy is.

HowISeeIt makes no effort whatsoever to safeguard his identity. Maybe he should be calling himself HowICan’tSeeItOutOfMyRightEye. A small amount of research is all that’s required to figure out that Mr. SeeIt is in fact one Robin Weigel, of Los Angeles, California.

Screenshot - 03162016 - 11:33:49 PM

Screenshot - 03162016 - 11:58:42 PM

Judging from his Facebook likes, this is one hopelessly confused individual.

Robin C. Weigel _ Facebook

If I had to describe Weigel’s belief set, I’d be at a loss. His videos decry Obama’s war on the Second Amendment, yet he opposes the First Amendment by supporting the ban of websites that bother him. Extreme left-wing views sit comfortably with extreme right-wing views in his damaged brain.

Weigel bills himself as a screenwriter, though his name comes up in connection with no production or published work that I was able to find, after checking IMDB and the US Copyright Office. Mid 50’s is a little old to still be playing the aspiring-writer game, but hey, it’s a free country.

Agent19 accuses Lenny Pozner of time travel (updated)

Update: In an effort to erase his mistake, Agent19 has changed his handle to Agent642. Devious. was a low-budget porn site circa 2002 – 2003. The domain subsequently changed hands several times, hosting nothing but parking pages, until Len Pozner acquired it in 2014.

Confused? Me neither. Agent19 is struggling with it though.

I invited Agent19 to present evidence that was a porn site under Pozner’s watch, and he responded with this:

Screenshot - 03032016 - 08:51:31 AM

Sandy Hook Truthers are normally obsessed with timestamps, so it’s a little hard to figure out what Agent19 is thinking here. He apparently believes Len Pozner acquired in 2014, secretly traveled back to 2002 to host porn on it, then returned to the present (probably to kill Sarah Connor). Then again, Sandy Hook Truthers tend to overlap with Holocaust deniers and flat-earthers, so this is hardly the weirdest thing we’ve seen come out of them.