The only thing more absurd than Marc Watson is Marc Watson plus a couple of his friends

separated at birth

Marc Watson, the Sandy Hook Truther so vile that even Swan Song told him to chill the hell out, recently showed up at the venerable Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright Facebook page looking for a fight:


Marc is more or less the Luton village idiot and his reputation can’t possibly be damaged. This isn’t the first time he’s shown up talking smack at SHHANB either, and those folks aren’t especially interested in his latest tirade:


When Marc gets a taste of his own medicine, two of his bumbling friends materialize to defend him, and the whole episode takes on a bizarre Monty Python flavor:




Deformation of character, eh? So much for Britons and their superior grammar. Coleen and David then both disappear rather abruptly after SHHANB shares one of Marc’s harassing tweets.

Marc’s an easy target. I’m not going to poke fun at his (alleged) disability. I’m not going to point out that driving around in a scooter with only a receipt in the basket makes absolutely no sense. I’m just going to invite you to read about how individuals with cerebral palsy tend to suffer from intellectual disabilities and other mental illnesses, and also to enjoy the entire thread. The most tragic thing about Marc Watson is that he’s roaming free to damage himself and others, when his caretakers should clearly be confining him to a padded room.

Nicholas Bunt, Keith Nemcek humbly suggest that it’s time for Tony and friends to get their shit together

Nicholas Bunt, famous for his eccentric English and mental shortcomings, posted this precious item in the Closed Group:

crisis1Anybody who’s worked on a large, troubled project knows that “What are the next steps? How can we help?” is code for “What the hell is your plan and why aren’t you getting anything done?”  Indeed, Bunt has expressed these sentiments before. To his credit, he seems to be the only Sandy Hook Truther who recognizes that they are no closer now to “exposing the truth” than they were three years ago.

Bunt’s friends aren’t quite as perceptive as he is, instead reciting their usual “we are going to win any moment now because we’re smart” litany. (Future pole-dancing airhead Laurel Glaze does get the “laughing stock” and “dumbed down” parts right.)


And then Keith Nemcek, father of the Adam Lanza Had Six Fingers On His Left Hand And Also Didn’t Exist theory, shows up to suggest that regime change may be in order if the leadership is going to continue withholding information.


The four demented failures addressed in Bunt’s letter respond with uncharacteristic, sullen silence. I guess it’s not every day that one of your Internet underlings puts you in your place. Keith Numbnuts will most likely lose patience and start his own Serious Researcher group, finding new pixels to stare at and new documents to misinterpret. Truthers Groups of all types inevitably splinter and destroy themselves.