James Tracy, porn producer unite to expose false flags, raise money

Disgraced unemployed lunatic James Tracy, following the model set by impotent 300-pound fascist Wolfgang Halbig, has set up his own fundraising organization. It’s like official with the state and they’re totally gonna get 501(c)(3) status and everything.

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Most corporations are established with intentionally vague business purposes, so as not to create a conflict should the company’s focus later change. Take note that this one has specifically limited itself to raising money for its own legal expenses. We will be watching.

So which cast of goofballs is running this show?

Screenshot - 01312016 - 08:43:42 AMAt least three familiar names here. Fetzer needs no introduction. Hayashi is Tracy’s wife, who, by affixing her name to this trainwreck, is inviting her own eventual disgrace. She remains employed by FAU; she probably shouldn’t be acting as treasurer for an organization dedicated to exacting revenge on her employer.

Darrell Hamamoto appears to be another embattled nutjob professor (his recent history even resembles Tracy’s).  From Wikipedia we learn that he is “best known for his views on the desexualization of Asian American males in the media” (which I’m not sure I understand what that even means) and that he has produced porn movies in the course of his research.

Maria Chang might be, I suspect, this person, another former professor who rambles on and on and on and on and on and on and on about weird ideas. Elizabeth Hamin I know nothing about.

Screenshot - 01312016 - 09:40:28 AM

Since the fundraising is off to a very slow start, the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund, Inc., better get it together and start producing something of value. Professor Hamamoto’s porn background may be useful here. I’d pay money to watch “Fetzer’s Four-Way Frolic”, once.

Tiffany asks questions about Wolfgang; Tony responds with impressive meltdown

Back in 2010, Wolfgang Halbig suffered a fall on a sidewalk, for which he settled with the City of Apopka, Florida, for $25,000. He next tried to raise additional money by suing the homeowner’s association of the neighborhood where the sidewalk was located (this lawsuit, and some amusing deposition material found therein, has been briefly covered here).

Tiffany has some commentary about all of this:

Tiffany’s views about Sandy Hook and its characters have sometimes defied easy categorization, but here she asks exactly the right questions. Why does Halbig have such a long history of raising money with his injuries? Why is he trying to collect twice for this one? Tony Mead, however, is absolutely offended at this unfair line of questioning:

Screenshot - 01272016 - 11:33:02 AM

Interesting to learn that everyone Tony knows has been involved in some kind of lawsuit… he must hang out with some real shady characters. And it is true that most Truthers are indeed destitute underachievers (Tony should know). Tiffany doesn’t back down though. She lucidly explains the problems with Tony’s thinking, while Tony himself is reduced to frantically reciting the same old discredited nonsense:

tony full retard

And then Tony outdoes himself with tastelessness, invoking his own deceased nephew. I’d really love to know what Gary Mead thinks about his estranged alcoholic brother trading on his name.

tony full retard 2

I have no idea what Tiffany thinks of me these days, but I have nothing but respect for the stand she takes here.

NB: The “Jeff Dryden” Tiffany refers to is a cyber-douchebag friend of Tony’s. He promised to take this site down about a year ago. I’m still waiting.

Hundreds of YouTube videos later, the truth about Sandy Hook still failing to capture the world’s attention

The Sandy Hook Truthers would have you believe that the world is waking up and a truth revolution is right around the corner. Empirical data from Google Trends proves otherwise.

Screenshot - 01192016 - 11:04:15 AM

While interest in the Great Sandy Hook Hoax remains at a low mumble, interest in mental illness shows a steady rise as the mumbling goes on. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

It’s OK to accuse people of being crisis actor terrorists, as long as you’re polite about it

Valium-popping retard Marc Watson, known locally in Luton as something of a troublemaker, has been put in his place by his equally retarded masters:


Craven says and believes exactly the same things Marc says and believes, except Craven cloaks it all in a lame responsible-investigator affect, while Marc just walks rolls up and waves it in the victims’ faces. It is at least good to see one of these morons trying to teach some manners, in between the usual harassment.