Mentally ill butterface Maeve Cohen ignites homosexuality debate in Closed Group

NB: This article is about Maeve Cohen of Vermont, USA, who is a sick lunatic. It is not about Maeve Cohen at the University of Manchester. 

This is again WDBJ-related, not Sandy Hook-related, but since it’s the same herd of idiot sheep I’ll pass it along anyway. Maeve is a relative newcomer in the Closed Group, but this insane bitch has a mouth a mile wide.

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How she presumes to know that Chris Hurst is gay, she does not explain. And her “white hot” quote is an outright lie — Hurst has said that he and Alison Parker had a white hot love for each other, never mentioning their sex life. I suppose a drugged-out old hippie psycho like Maeve must have sex on the mind constantly, taking whatever she can purchase from Craigslist.

But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is the reaction she gets when she expresses her support of gay people. The Gifted Critical Thinkers of the Sandy Hook Hoax Group do not appreciate the Obama Administration’s agenda against heterosexuality.

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The rest of the thread is here. Screwball infighting at its most entertaining.


Searching for clues in ceramic tiles might possibly be a sign that you are running out of ideas

The body of Sandy Hook Truth “evidence” has never been anything short of ludicrous, but their latest discovery is a couple notches down even from that. tile_moronThis photo is a good litmus test. A person without dementia will recognize that the cream tiles are regular 4×4 ceramic tiles and the white ones are edge pieces, and reflect that sometimes public schools gotta make do with what they have. Truther types will find a hidden message that could finally — FINALLY — bring the fascists to justice. Which one are you?

Be sure to catch the vacuous, drooling stupidity from Evee and Kelley while you’re here.

The Closed Group Cult could just shit themselves they’re so angry

By now Lyricalorion’s change of heart about Sandy Hook is well-known.  In her video, she makes a point I’ve made in the past: that for some people, an awakening (overcoming addiction, finding the church, leaving the church, or whatever) leads to excessive trust of self. In other words, they feel like they’re now immune from ever being fooled again, and any intuitive impulse that feels right is right. The Sandy Hook Truther demographic bears this model out, as virtually all members are either Jesus freaks or drug addicts and none of them can perform rudimentary critical thinking.

Lyricalorion recognized and owned her error, and not suprisingly, the stupid drones in the Secret Closed Group are furious at her. Roller-skating weirdo A.J. Drew weighs in with a couple of particularly boorish remarks.


Wolfgang Halbig hopes to leverage his cozy political relationship with Jeb Bush sometime after 2016

In a recent comment, sTONY MEADow points out that Jeb Bush’s email dump from earlier this year includes a few items from and concerning Wolfgang Halbig. Most of it is pretty mundane stuff, from back when he was sane: school safety, pushing his old school safety website, that sort of thing.

Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 4:13 PM
Subject: Safety Committee for Florida

Hello Governor Bush, 

My name is Dr. Peggy Jones, and I am the principal of Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida. ...

Wolfgang Halbig, a consultant for our district for school safety, told me he was asked to be one of 10 people on a safety committee for the state. He has been with our district a couple of times and we have invited him back to be at SRHS all day with us on February 7th. ...
From: Wolfgang Halbig <>
Sent: Friday, October 6, 2000 1:26 PM


My name is WOLFGANG W. HALBIG, I am the former director of PROJECT EXCEL an alternative school for students who have been expelled from public schools in Seminole County. You were our guest twice with parents and all of our students appreciative of your visit. We provided excellent media coverage for your visit. You extended your hand to me, and promised that if you were
elected governor of our state that you would extend an invitation in discussing school safety and alternative education. I believe in you and
your brother in providing new vision and leadership for America. I am a naturalized citizen of this country who earned the privilege. I taught American Government in High Schools hoping to share my passion about government and on how we can make a difference. I just gave the keynote speech for SAFE SCHOOLS in the state of NEBRASKA, invited by the Commissioner of Education and the Governor of the state of Nebraska.

I am currently training over 1500 school resource officers and school administrators through the Federal Cops program across the United States,
one of those national programs is slated for Tampa Florida in August. If you know anyone in a company called FAMILY FIRST out of Tampa Florida, they evaluated our program and would be an excellent reference. AS YOU CAN SEE I AM TRYING.... I have no political clout except for my passion for our children and teachers in public schools. All I can do is ask for your
consideration, you have children as does your brother, teaching character education is vital, I have always been taught that a promise is a promise. I am only asking because I believe in what we are trying to accomplish.



407-496-5551 cell

p.s. I saw you at the Charlotte, N.C. Airport and you asked me to E-Mail You.

By 2005, the weird and obsessive Halbig that we now know is emerging.

From: Halbig, Wolfgang <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 1:58 PM
To: Governor Jeb Bush
Subject: Hurricane Response

Governor Bush;

Last week I send you an e-mail hoping that you would utilize the Amtrak train system in getting supplies to the areas in need or to help evacuate those in need.

The train as you know, runs through Broward and Dade County. It could have and should have been stocked with supplies dropping of supplies in areas of need. The train system also could have provided tents for shelter.

I have been doing this for over thirty years and again if it is not there idea it must not be a good idea.

Just look at the people suffering when solutions are crystal clear.

Hope that you will consider this as part of your Emergency Plan in the future.


Wolfgang W. Halbig
From: Halbig, Wolfgang <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 2:43 PM
To: Governor Jeb Bush
Subject: Emergency Management Recommendation

Governor Bush;

In the United Air Force I was trained in Disaster Preparedness in light of the fact that our base served as a B-52 Bomber base with nuclear weapons.

The number one issue that confronted the base and the community on a daily bases was what if a B-52 Bomber crashed and an accident occurred triggering an explosion. How would we handle such a scenario?

Hurricane Katrina again showed us that we are vulnerable when a plan is not executed and all of our resources not utilized.

We in Florida have been very fortunate in our response. But, I would like for you to urgently consider adopting a new concept that requires Amtrak to become a front line provider in evacuating senior citizens out of the area. Our job would be to transport them to the train station for evacuation. The sleeper cars would be ideal in providing some comfort instead of lying on a tarmac, airport lounge, cargo area, or left in a wheel chair to die. The compartments would allow nursing help as needed; the dinning cars would provide food services that are fully serviced before arriving.

Homeland Security can sent those resources to an area that needs to have to most vulnerable evacuated.

The United States Government already subsidizes this expensive system, and I believe that with your help that states that need to get people out of the area who cannot afford it can use the trains and our busses. Large numbers can be evacuated quickly and safely to designated points for pickup and sheltering. 

Amtrak is one of our greatest resources for the elderly. Please, Please, Please get someone to incorporate this most valuable resource into our response program in order to save those in need. 

You are our leader in time of emergencies; please share this concept with others.

Wolfgang W. Halbig
Risk Manager
Lake County School Board
352-253-6660 Office
352-343-3779 Fax

These are in addition to sTONY MEADow’s interesting 2002 find. Halbig says he never knew his father, and his age today suggests he was born after the fall of Berlin, so I wonder if he’s one of those countless German bastards born immediately after the war.

Fat guy with tits is pretty sure Sandy Hook didn’t actually happen

This one has it all. Crisis actors, liberals, argument by dictionary, “if that was my kid I would…”, etc. And that’s just in the first two minutes.

For more insight into his village-idiot mind, not to mention some laughs, check out his Plenty of Fish profile. This guy makes no secret of his distaste for children.

What woman could possibly resist this buttery slab of manhood?

And don’t miss his extensive, conclusive research into Jade Helm. With evidence like this, Obama and the Illuminati and the NWO and FEMA don’t stand a chance.

This moron’s offer is of course illusory. By “irrefutable”, he means “anything that will change my mind”, which nothing will do, because he is mentally defective. And it’s unlikely such a low achiever would have $25,000 in disposable cash anyway. I, on the other hand, am a high achiever, and I have $25,000 cash on hand for anybody who can demonstrate that any of the Sandy Hook victims are alive and well. In fact I made that offer long ago. No takers yet.

Wolfgang Halbig is finished screwing around, takes decisive measure of starting another Internet petition

Screenshot - 08042015 - 06:32:05 AMI suppose will be the next place to ban Wolfgang Halbig after this pathetic stunt. Internet petitions are the laziest form of activism, and even reality-based ones about real issues don’t have a great track record. And I realize English isn’t Halbig’s first language, but I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t get some editing help with his communications. Germans are supposed to be efficient, remember? Why does this one always come off like an uneducated idiot?

There are some familiar names in the comments here, including career lunatic James Fetzer.

Sandy Hook Truth Movement announces strategic alliance with the Flat Earth Society

Sandy Hook Truth has long had a fruitful partnership with other delusions like Boston Bombing Truth, 9/11 Truth, antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and chemtrails. Today it is pleased to announce its latest affiliated cult.


One delusion is as good as another, and the similarities between Flat Earthers and Sandy Hook Truthers outweigh the differences. That makes the indignant back-and-forth between the various screwballs all the more entertaining.

Key quote from JD Moron: “Math doesn’t prove anything.”