Wolfgang Halbig banned from more Internet territory

Updating with link to Wade’s writeup.

Shape-shifting reptilian Wolfgang Halbig, recently ousted from fundraising website GoFundMe (for which he he suing persons unknown), has been dealt another blow. Given that the only people banned from PayPal are usually criminals and terrorists, you’d think that this development would cause people to reconsider Halbig. But you’d be wrong.


In fact, this is how anxious his dipshit cult is to keep sending him money:

Screenshot - 07292015 - 11:50:09 PM

It’s a wonder nobody has set up a fake Sandy Hook Hoax fundraising website yet, since these fucksticks are so easy to defraud. On the other hand, most of them live below the poverty line, so it might not be worth the effort.


Tony Mead commemorates the anniversary of his public shaming

Despite his persistent claims that he doesn’t worry about his detractors, it’s clear that Tony is still massively butthurt about Len Pozner’s Hartford Courant editorial from last year. And who can blame him? It’s not every day that your mental illness makes you a minor celebrity.

Tony’s fucktard friends are here to support him, naturally. I’m sure he found comfort in the inspirational art that Mark Joyce spammed to the thread. Mark is very talented.


Stalkers gonna stalk

The demented stalkers of the Closed Group are back to staring at photos of children again. They’ve really uncovered some blockbuster info this time; see the entire thread here.


Maureen Crowley brings demons, drugs and Rothschilds into it before it’s all over. In case you’re not familiar with her, she’s the psycho who gave us this recent performance.

Also, Jermain seems to really like the girl in the red dress. Just saying.

Alcoholic failure tired of being misunderstood

Voice of Dissent recently sat down with Tony Mead and Tiffany M. It’s worth a listen if you have an hour. Tony really bares his soul.

It was interesting to learn that Tony and his Super Secret Closed Facebook Group are just ordinary people seeking the truth, not bothering anybody, and minding their own business. They do not harass family members.

Screenshot - 02172014 - 08-50-21 PM

They don’t stalk anybody.

Screenshot - 06122014 - 07-18-46 PM

They are civilized in their questions and don’t make false accusations.

Screenshot - 07082014 - 11-22-42 PM

Impersonating others is out of the question.

Screenshot - 12232014 - 07-39-29 AM

And Tony himself sets the example. He is respectful to the victims’ families.


He would never harass people with false accusations.


And that most despicable tactic of all, calling people pedophiles, is strictly absolutely off limits.

reverend tony mead fail

VoD is quite right when he says that people are free to discuss whatever insanity they want to when they’re not hurting anybody. But he’s off the mark to claim that these people are not hurting anybody, and he’s way off the mark when he construes my intentions. I don’t claim to act on behalf of the families, or to be the good guy, or to be helping anybody, or to have the moral high ground. I am meeting their free speech with speech of my own. That’s all. Anybody who’s feeling butthurt about anything I’ve ever written needs to read it again and think about what prompted me to write it.

Comic highlight of the video: I’m still Wade, now with “forensic evidence”. I can’t wait until they confront me with this evidence. The look on my face when I realize I’ve been checkmated will be priceless.