Bottom-feeding Truther scumbag in shocking donation page timestamp fraud scandal

Up until now I have left Jermain alone. He’s made some of the most ridiculous statements on record about the Sandy Hook victims; but he’s clearly mentally retarded and visually disabled, which has inclined me to go easy on him. In addition he has expressed hope that the child victims are actually alive somewhere and will be returned to their families, which is at least a nice thought.

But that ends today, because Jermain is the latest Truther busted for inventing a fake dead friend who never existed.

busted 1

Screenshot - 05312015 - 02:46:56 PM

And as if that weren’t bad enough, now Jermain is using the nonexistent roommate as an pretense for donations so he can — get this — buy a house. Remember how much shit they gave Carlee Soto just for going on vacation? But it gets even worse.

The GoFundMe was created three months before the “roommate” “died”:

Screenshot - 05312015 - 02:50:35 PM

The only silver lining here is that even Jermain’s fellow Truthers aren’t stupid enough to actually send him any money. Good thing Jermain is a keen Bible student. That will help him understand why God wants him to lose his home, wander the streets and eat garbage.




Truthers shriek in horror at this sorcery called “closed captioning”

C.W. Wade’s recent publication of in-car camera footage with timestamps has caused an uproar in the idiot community. To make a long story short, it turns out that some of the footage thought to be without timestamps in fact had timestamp information present in the closed-captioning layer. Wade found and presented it, and unsurprisingly, the idiots are in full-on denial. The hysteria essentially hinges on the claim that dashcam timestamps don’t look like that.

Screenshot - 05232015 - 08:29:13 PM

Except, you know, when they do:

Screenshot - 05232015 - 07:59:55 PM

Screenshot - 05232015 - 08:10:01 PM
Now we just have to wait as computer expert Tom Lapp reminds us that computer timestamps are never mistaken.

“This shit can really put a strain on a marriage”

Observe the effects of Trutherism on one’s personal relationships. It begins as this self-absorbed moron chooses fantasy over reality, neglects her her husband, and seeks fellowship on the Internet. Here are the highlights; the entire thread is here.

forever aloneThat’s correct, Hope. Your mental illness is putting a strain on your marriage. If you give a shit about your husband, you will seek treatment. Or just keep hurting him like you’re doing now. 
forever alone 2How fucking retarded are these people? Can they seriously not make the connection between their own actions and their own problems? Do they expect their families to spontaneously open their minds to absurdities? Too bad Adam Lanza never existed for these people; if he did, they’d have somebody to blame. forever alone 3Classic cognitive dissonance from Hope. Her husband is feeling neither left out nor jealous. He’s feeling disgusted with the person he married, and he’s intentionally avoiding her circle because he would rather not associate with lunatics. And I’m not surprised to learn that Kelley the Watt chose to break up her family rather than accept reality.  It sounds like she was insane before that was even in style.forever alone 4Ouch. Who does that remind you of?forever alone 5Counterexample: a troofer couple. They seem to disagree about who woke who up, which is awfully suspicious, but hey, I’m not judging. Hopefully at least one of them is sterile.







Bankrupt alcoholic perplexed by T-shirt

Not sure what’s funnier here — Tony’s worsening dementia, or the Closed Group’s extensive knowledge of pro wrestling. Poor Tiffany M, as often happens, is the only one in the group with a trace of intelligence. She really needs to get the mentally ill people out of her life.

sue loves tonys balls

Ingenious moments in crisis management (updated)

The incomparable C.W. Wade pointed this out to me a couple nights ago. I literally laughed out loud:

Screenshot - 05032015 - 11:19:24 AMIt’s a list of open HTTP proxies, which can  be used to hide your identity when you’re online. To understand why this pic is funny, compare line 17 to line 36 of an unaltered screenshot:

Screenshot - 04292015 - 10:52:54 PMIn a gloriously inept move, “J. Dryden” has attempted to forge a screenshot suggesting that is or was at some point an HTTP proxy. One can only conclude that he must have some connection to Why else would he bring it up, and be so anxious to dissociate himself from it?

This isn’t the first time “J. Dryden” has managed to shit his pants with the world watching. I’d love to hear him explain how he managed to get SSH access over an HTTP proxy, but I’m not sure how to get in touch with him.

Update: As predicted, and right on schedule. Will this boy never learn to stop taking the bait?

Screenshot - 05032015 - 07:28:46 PM