News flash: smoking weed turns you into an idiot sheep

While we’re still laughing at this moron stoner landing himself in jail, let’s laugh at another notable case. Tony claims he’s been clean since 1987 or something, but he’s clearly not yet recovered, so it would appear his brain damage is permanent.

Screenshot - 04172015 - 10:09:46 PMEverybody knows stoners who aren’t conspiracy nuts, and conspiracy nuts who aren’t stoners; but it’s impossible to ignore the overlap. Maybe it’s because getting high and being a Truther both boil down to escaping reality.


Rising domestic terrorist arrested; nervous whackjobs assure each other he’s not really one of them

The recent arrest of Timothy Rogalski is good news, but his ongoing confinement and court-ordered psychological evaluation is even better news. There was a time when courts simply dealt with these weirdos by getting them through the system and back home as quickly as possible. But those days are over. Sovereign Citizens aren’t just an eccentric fringe group anymore, they are an emerging terrorist group. The similarities between Sovereign Citizens and Sandy Hook Truthers, 9/11 Truthers, Tenthers, Tax Protesters, Anti-Vaxxers, Chemtards, Birthers, etc. outweigh the differences. Each of these groups reduces to a manifestation of paranoia (“They Are Hiding Something”) combined with hubris (“I Am Right And Justified”).

So it’s not too surprising, then, to watch the up-and-coming terrorists in action as they resist absorbing some recent reality.

Screenshot - 04152015 - 08:28:13 PM

Not the first time we’ve seen this “The Hoaxer-is-the-Hoax” maneuver; they also tried that with Andrew Truelove, the insane asshole whole stole memorial signs last year. Also typical here is the inability to actually do basic research — you know, that kind that turns up something you didn’t already think you knew. If they were able to do that they would have learned that Rogalski already has a criminal record for weed possession and DUI. Not a likely candidate to be an undercover fed.

Screenshot - 04152015 - 09:35:26 PM Screenshot - 04152015 - 09:34:57 PMScreenshot - 04152015 - 09:34:38 PM

It is wise that courts and law enforcement are beginning to take a proactive role in profiling the members of fringe groups as potential violent threats. The one good thing about them creeping off the Internet and into the news is that they’re finally getting noticed. Maybe some of them will even have families that care enough to get them help.

Despite reservations, Halbig’s latest attorney forges ahead with plans to hypnotize the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission

Notorious lunatic scumbag Professor James Tracy reports that Wolfgang Halbig’s latest Connecticut FOIA attorney is one (L.) Kay Wilson. He further reports that fearing for her safety, she dropped the case before deciding to return.

Screenshot - 04072015 - 07:27:07 PMWhew, that’s a relief. So let’s take a look at Wilson’s credentials…

Screenshot - 04072015 - 07:40:30 PMPretty solid so far. UConn is a good law school. But, um, what is a Certified Neuro Lin[g]uistic Programming Practitioner?

The names NLP and Neuro-linguistic Programming are not owned by any person or organisation, they are not trademarked intellectual property and there is no central regulating authority for NLP instruction and certification. There is no restriction on who can describe themselves as an NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Master Trainer and there are a multitude of certifying associations;[134] this has led Devilly (2005) to describe such training and certifying associations as granfalloons, i.e. proud and meaningless associations of human beings.

[Citations omitted.] In other words, NLP is pseudoscience, just like 9/11 Truth and Chemtrails and Holocaust denial and all the other horseshit that Sandy Hook Truthers trade in. Even if one has an interest in that stuff, it’s pretty stupid to put it on a professional resume. Now let’s take a look at her Connecticut litigation history

Screenshot - 04072015 - 10:32:03 PM

Two recent cases. I’m not sure how far back these records go, but that doesn’t sound like a lot. She’s admitted to the Federal system so there might be some stuff in PACER as well, which I am too lazy to look up right now.

And how did the Tonsha case go for her?

Screenshot - 04072015 - 10:35:55 PMOops. She first appeared for the defendant on January 24, but apparently never got around to answering the complaint, costing her client a default judgment. There may have been other factors here — I don’t see any discipline on file for her — but her performance on this record doesn’t look too good.

In summary, it appears that L. Kay Wilson is simply the latest half-baked weirdo wasting Wolfgang Halbig’s time and taking his money (or rather, what little money his idiot flock can spare). I can’t blame her if she tries some NLP mind tricks on the Commission, since she doesn’t appear to be especially competent using normal methods.


Another attorney abandons Halbig’s sinking ship

Wolfgang Halbig has rotten luck with lawyers. First he had to fire Day R. Williams after Williams failed to procure the names of the mysterious 2013 Super Bowl children. Just a few days ago, his Connecticut FOIC action hit a snag when the Commission postponed its scheduled hearing, leaving Wolf with hundreds of suicidal supporters and an airline ticket he couldn’t transfer. And when his newest attorney wanted $5000 to proceed with the action, the Closed Group Cretins failed to raise it in their usual style.

Screenshot - 04032015 - 05:23:35 PM

And now this disaster:

Screenshot - 04032015 - 05:18:28 PMEr, no, Brenda. Nobody threatened her. Wolf’s new attorney realized, belatedly, that she’s dealing with a bunch of poverty-stricken screwballs. Legal services are not the professional help you guys need. Even if you guys could raise the money, no ethical attorney would take on such a sick joke of an action.

Barb recommends asking Joseph Sapp, who was disbarred in 2008 after going to jail for child abuse. That shouldn’t be funny, but it is.


Almost everything you will ever need to know about Sandy Hook Truthers captured in one post

This screencap sums it up. They are not patriots, they are not investigators, they are not critical thinkers, and they are definitely not intelligent. These people are mentally ill and need therapy. Those who refuse therapy should be denied employment, housing, and medical care.


Barkley has been previously covered here. Neither his condition nor his jokes have improved.

Bankrupt, deranged stalker donates $100 to obese, psychotic stalker

In what is sure to come as a shock to nobody, financial genius Tony Mead has just sent more of somebody else’s money to Wolfgang “Furzköpfiger Rosettenhengst” Halbig:

duh1He has urged his demented followers at the Closed Group to do the same, and naturally the stupid sheep are obeying. It looks like Tony also dropped a few hundred bucks in Orlando not long ago.

duh2Sometimes I wonder what Sue thinks of Tony’s mental illness. Then I remember she hangs out with Tony in the first place, indicating that she’s at least as stupid as he is. That would certainly explain the vacant, brain dead look she sports in every photo.