FOIC delay sparks rage, tears, butthurt, confusion, stupidity

The postponement of Wolfgang Halbig’s Connecticut FOIC hearing has triggered predictably amusing commentary from the idiots. Many are incensed that the delay appears designed to accommodate Newtown School Board attorney Monte Frank’s participation in a charity bike ride; all are now fully convinced that Somebody Must Be Hiding Something. A typical remark:

Screenshot - 03262015 - 09:34:11 PMThe #8 referred to is found in Halbig’s copy of the hearing notice. Unsurprisingly, this is a lie: Connecticut’s FOIA law says no such thing. And while the Commission states that neither party may postpone a hearing, the Commission itself may of course postpone anything it wants to, which appears to be what happened here.

There is interesting material in Sections 1-206 and 1-241 about the consequences for frivolous and harassing use of the FOIA law. Predicting right now that one or both of those sections will be mentioned in whatever reply he gets.


Wolfgang Halbig’s upcoming trip to Connecticut promises to be his most productive yet

Update: the hearing has been postponed. Wolf must be furious. Furious enough to have a massive stroke, if we’re lucky.halbig

Wolfgang Halbig, in case you’re not familiar with the name, is a formerly respected civil servant who has gone Full Code Red Nutjob since Sandy Hook. His May 2014 appearance before the Newtown School Board was a legendary clusterfuck, featuring Halbig himself, career lunatic James Fetzer, a fat guy from Infowars, and other assorted weirdos. So it’s with some regret that I will not be able to attend his upcoming FOIA hearing in Hartford.


There’s no mystery what he will ask for; it will be the usual “stop hiding whatever you’re hiding because you must be hiding something. Also sixteen questions” speech that he’s made thousands of dollars pushing. There’s no mystery about the outcome either. Whatever winds up getting released (if anything) will be heralded as The Breakthrough, scrutinized, and then forgotten after it fails to change what we know about Sandy Hook. The Truthers will go back to terrorizing families and staring at photos. They simply cannot learn.


Not much action in the idiot farm lately* so I’ll just share this:


As I don’t need to point out, Mike has it backwards. Debunkers form conclusions based on evidence. Truthers choose evidence based on conclusions.

* Apart from me being Wade and Brendan Hunt being me.

Alcoholic bankrupt stalker Tony Mead now just harassing names at random

Having failed to expose any evidence of a hoax by harassing the families directly, Tony has now moved on to harassing anybody who was ever mentioned in connection with the Sandy Hook shooting. At this rate he’ll be going through the Newtown phone book looking for people to annoy.


Tony’s father would be so proud. His son retained none of that English politeness and restraint and bravery; only the lousy teeth betray his heritage.




Sandy Hook Truther compares herself to Jesus, ensuring eternal torment in Hell

A most amusing Closed Group thread began with this comment:

Screenshot - 03082015 - 02:02:44 PM

Your circle is unfriending you, Dave, because people who believe the sick lies that you believe are not to be trusted. Enjoy your new life of isolation. But that’ll be mild compared to what Beth Anne Burleson just bought herself:

Screenshot - 03082015 - 02:02:07 PMI somehow doubt that Beth has any idea what it’s like to get beaten and nailed to a cross, as appealing as that thought is. She’ll just have to wait until the day she takes her place in the vast sea of fire, alongside the other demons and the souls of the damned, like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, having human forms, floating about in that conflagration, raised into the air by the flames which issue from within themselves, together with great clouds of smoke, and falling back on every side like sparks in huge fires, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair.

Meet the Nutjobs: Dean Lingley Sr.

Get a load of this asshole:


Lingley is convinced that nobody identified a loved one in person. “Scoop” Moorehead claims that nobody identified a loved one via photograph. Unsurprisingly, nobody makes any effort to reconcile this discrepancy… they probably don’t even see it. Nor can they quite articulate why the question is even important, since there is no real-life dispute that the victims were really victims.

From his Facebook photo feed, we can confirm that Lingley himself is a certifiable whack job. Jesus, Bibles, guns, autism, etc. etc. etc. Does this look like the face of somebody who should be near small children? I’d love to know what sick thoughts were going through his head as he held this infant.


He lists his employer as EMS Energy Mizer, which has a curious section on their website pandering to paranoid individuals. I gather he’s some kind of commissioned affiliate who makes a few pennies here and there selling scammish products to his fellow nutjobs. To summarize: Dean Lingley, Sr., is a psycho piece of shit and pathetic embarrassment to his family. Since he’s too much of a coward to just ask the families himself how they identified their loved ones, he should also turn off his computer and jump off a bridge somewhere. Nothing of value would be lost.

Meet the Nutjobs: Tonya S. Graham

Tonya is stupid enough to be a fan of Maureen “Yeast Infection” Crowley, even after her Maureen’s embarrassing recent performance:


But I think the real key to understanding this dumb bitch is in this post of hers:

sullivan fake obituary

In case it’s hard to read, it appears that Tonya’s father passed away in 2013, and somebody (presumably, Tonya’s siblings) denied her access before and after the cremation. In general, the only reason family will do this is if the person being denied had a history of cruelty toward the deceased. The reasonable inference is that Tonya treated her father like shit while he was alive, then tried to make a grab at his estate after his death, and then cried like an entitled little bitch when that didn’t work.

In other words, Tonya Graham is a standard Sandy Hook Truth personality: greedy, cruel and delusional. In the same way that Erik Pearson screws his coworkers and invents fake dead children and Tony Mead killed his father with shame by drinking too much, Tonya thinks only of herself and has no perception of the pain she causes others.

I could go full Truther here and point out that since there are no pictures of Larry Sullivan and Tonya Graham together as adults, it’s highly likely that Larry Sullivan never existed. But that would be silly.