Reich and Halbig all but forgotten as Sandy Hook Truthers launch newest legal fantasy

You’d think that Jonathan Reich and Wolfgang Halbig would be enjoying support from Tony Mead’s flock of mental degenerates, but you’d be wrong. Remember, Reich spent about a year as a fugitive at the urging of Tony and Wolf, under some crackpot idea that the hoax would be exposed in court; and Wolf himself is struggling to defend himself in his own harassment lawsuit. But their names scarcely appear in the Super Secret Stalker Group these days. This is partly because Sandy Hook Truthers do not learn very quickly, and partly because walking yeast culture Maureen Crowley has kicked off a new initiative:

The biggest problem with this idea, of course, is that these idiots don’t understand how a federal grand jury works. As Maureen’s link explains, a federal grand jury convenes when a prosecutor has a named suspect in a federal crime, or at least alleges that a federal crime has been committed or is ongoing in their district. They don’t convene, ever, at the request of delusional people signing petitions. The signatories here can’t even articulate what crime they think has been committed, or by who.

I didn’t open most of the replies, because it’s just Maureen repeating  “thank you” to herself, much like she famously does here. But I did find the reply from Hamish Spencer amusing: an Australian signature would be just as useful as any other signature in this ridiculous scheme.


Did Wolfgang Halbig really spend $100,000 on hookers and cocaine?

I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is that he’s raised about that much money in the past four years, yet was unable to afford legal representation on March 28, during which he got his fat ass kicked around a bit during a hearing in Pozner v. Halbig. Leonard Pozner, you will recall, is rightly suing Halbig for Halbig’s pattern of demented harassment.

I don’t think Pozner’s attorney needed to spend so much time objecting to the cameraman’s presence. We Are Change is a well-known 9/11 Truth organization, meaning it’s not legitimate journalism, but fair is fair: he was better behaved during the proceeding than the defendant was. In addition, Truthers of all types tend to make idiots themselves any time they open their mouths in court, so the more coverage of that insanity, the better.

The most amusing moments on the tape are the several minutes Halbig spends wondering out loud whether Pozner really is who he says he is, during which the judge patiently reminds him several times that since he answered Pozner’s complaint, he has forfeited any right to question Pozner’s standing. Toward the end he almost gets thrown out by the bailiff for mouthing off, which he avoids by whining an apology. Along the way he plays the “but I’m acting pro se” card several times; that is, uses stupidity as his excuse for failure to respond to Pozner’s discovery requests, which no doubt have him terrified and/or confused.

And who was there to lend moral support? None other than bankrupt drug addict Tony Mead, who managed the long drive from Hollywood without crippling any of his friends:

Tony, likewise, remains befuddled by the idea that a person could be known under multiple names.

Halbig has about a month to get his act together. He’s a little over 70 and morbidly obese, so a fatal heart attack is most likely in his future, but until that time I’m happy to watch him suffer humiliation in court. He deserves it.

Meet the Nutjobs: Mark Joyce

Mark Joyce, one of the most active posters in Tony Mead’s pedostalker group, is a walking freakshow. Let’s start with this:


When he’s not threatening people who disagree with him, he’s stalking and fantasizing about adolescent girls:


Yes, he’s another one of these psychopaths obsessed with photos of children. A six-year-old Sandy Hook victim would only be ten today, but never mind: Mark’s too excited by the prospect of attention from a 14-year-old girl to care about that.

So who is this creep anyway? For starters, he runs In Q Picture Framing, at 5728 Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles. In Q has undergone at least two name changes on Mark’s watch, which suggests financial and/or reputational difficulties.



Mark at one time had the domain registered, but near as I can tell it never contained any content. I’m also not sure what to make of this other business registered at In Q’s address. In light of the Sandy Hook Duck scandal, there must be a connection here, somewhere.


Paying the rent on Melrose would be hard enough for a sane person with a viable business model, and In Q is definitely a third-rate operation. We must conclude that somebody’s bankrolling Mark’s habitual failure, probably in an effort to keep him out of jail. He’s like a cross between Joe Jones and Robin Weigel, a retarded man-child who throws around other peoples’ money while retreating into an artsy-fartsy fantasy world. It doesn’t excuse the endless hours Mark spends staring at photos of little girls, but it does explain it.

Robin Weigel probably cannot explain donations to gun control group

You remember Robin Weigel. He is the one-eyed psychopath variously known as HowISeeIt, HowISee Sandy Hook, HowISee The World, and possibly other YouTube handles. He spends his life peddling effeminate trinkets on eBay, making threatening phone calls to violent crime victims, and urging his viewers to stalk little girls. His family has a history of severe mental illness.

To those admirable traits, we can now add both “unemployed” and “blatant hypocrite”: he is a supporter of, the liberal activist group which has been outspoken in its support of gun control.


Since Robin has officially done more to take our guns away than most of the Sandy Hook parents have done, I’m sure he’ll immediately upload a video explaining this inconsistency. If he has any channels left.

The Sandy Hook Truth Movement suffers worst recorded decline in quality

Leave it to demented alcoholic failure Tony Mead to ruin everything. Even his private closed secret brothel of drug-addicted child predators is deteriorating.  There are only about a dozen people posting, and they’re repeating themselves, and half of it is off-topic. When they do get around to talking about Sandy Hook you get this kind of vapid stupidity.

kelly hunter is a sick vaginal wart

Three of the very sickest of the sick here. Mark Joyce is the owner of a picture framing shop and has a reputation for being a bit of a drama queen. Apart from that tired old “free houses” nonsense, no idea what his point here, if any, might be. Marc Watson needs no introduction, and death-threatening alligator-loving psycho Kelly Hunter has also been covered here multiple times. Mike Zincke seems befuddled about what’s going on in front of him, which isn’t uncommon for these people.

I pause here to note that Kelly Hunter is repulsive inside and out. It’s not often that mental illness is written so clearly on the face.


These shallow idiots are almost enough to make me miss the Jeff Dryden days. At least Jeff was funny and not completely stupid. Those guys need to start entertaining me if they want me to keep breaking back in.

Robin Weigel’s dysfunctional history revealed; world not very surprised

rcwbeforeandafterYou remember Robin, the YouTube lunatic and AstroGlide aficionado obsessed with Lenny Pozner. YouTube pulled the plug on his original HowISeeIt channel thanks to his incessant victim-stalking. He’s since set up additional channels, but it’s just more of the same unhinged, psychotic rants and phone calls to victims, so don’t feel compelled to catch up with him.

But some new details about Robin’s background have surfaced, and surprise surprise, his family has that history of drug addiction and mental illness that we see again and again in Truthers. Robin’s sister will tell us about it. I’ve decided to withhold her name for reasons I’ll explain in a moment:

Screenshot - 07182016 - 12:01:52 AM

In addition to a drug-addicted mother, this person has no doubt also suffered under her brother’s severe mental illness. Considering she lost her 19-year-old stepson Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005, this must make Robin’s sick behavior even more difficult to stomach. That’s why I’m not going to state her identity; she’s suffering enough. The links in this post will lead you there if you really need to know it.

It occurred to me that Robin is somewhat reminiscent of Albert Fish. Both grew up in an environment of mental illness; both have a history of obscene communications to strangers; both have a patent dislike of children; both have effeminate tendencies mixed with unhinged rage; and both are irrefutably insane. If only Robin would force needles in his body and go sit in an electric chair then we’d all be better off.

Sandy Hook Truthers debate sinister Disney alligator mind control operation

The recent alligator attack on a toddler at Walt Disney World hotel has, unsurprisingly, triggered the usual knee-jerk insanity at Tony Mead’s Secret Pedostalker Group. Linda Ceekay kicks it off, but it’s demented psychopath Kelly A. Hunter who really runs with it.



You may recall Kelly from her death threats against Roseburg Shooting hero Chris Mintz, and yeah, it’s safe to say that any child in her care would probably be safer in a gorilla cage. She’s clearly insane. And she’s nowhere near finished. She can’t decide which upsets her more, the fact that the story is fake or that a bunch of innocent alligators have been murdered (which incidentally would mean that the story isn’t fake, but Kelly is too stupid to notice her own contradiction).



The group begins to take a dim view of Kelly’s tirade. Even the aggressively stupid Diane Jakopovic sounds reasonable by comparison.gators5

Trevor Lahey also asks a very good question, which angers Kelly even further.


Anybody who still entertains the idea that Sandy Hook was a hoax is insane by definition. I don’t need to make these people look like loons; they objectively are loons, all of them. But it is interesting to note how willing most of them are to believe that most large events have been secretly engineered, while everyday small events are just everyday small events. It’s fascinating that they can never explain how they know what they think they know in objective, coherent terms. And it’s always fun to watch idiots quarreling.

The whole thing is here.

Meet the Nutjobs: Laurel Glaze

Laurel Glaze is… ugh. It’s easier if I just show you:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 08:49:22 PM

Laurel is another one those airheads favored by Tony Mead, posting almost daily in his Super Secret Stalker Group about false flags and Illuminati and Freemasons and the NWO and so on. Most of it isn’t all that interesting, honestly. Her Twitter profile reveals a little extra info:

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:08:53 PM

The first four items on her list aren’t much to get worked up about, but then we get to “Anti-NWO”, which suggests we’re dealing with a crazy person. “Friend of of Bill W.” is a politically correct term for “recovering drunk”, another trait commonly seen with these lunatics. And judging from a few of her tweets we can say with confidence that, yes, Laurel Glaze is quite insane.

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:20 PM Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:30:19 PM

But, um, what’s this? Do ultra-conservative Christians really carry on secret online relationships with married men?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:41:12 PM

At first I didn’t even take this seriously, because these things are easy to fake. But I almost choked when I saw one of the comments. Where else but Tony’s group of undesirables can you find a baby killer losing his wife after sending phone money to a fellow lunatic?

Screenshot - 05102016 - 09:46:07 PM

Side note: in reality, Ted Cruz’s role in the 2000 recount was limited to delivering some papers across the street; Ted Olson was the lawyer who made Bush’s oral argument to the Supreme Court. Olson’s wife was killed on 9/11, but let’s not start down that rabbit hole please.

Tony Mead admits Noah Pozner’s death certificate appears genuine, immediately apologizes to Lenny Pozner as stipulated in Step 9

Ha ha, just kidding about that last part. Even though Tony has never made amends for the lives he’s ruined with his years of drunken self-indulgence and abuse, it is true that he recently admitted Noah Pozner’s death certificate is real.

Screenshot - 05042016 - 02:02:53 PM

This came about after Daneen Rogers, who was featured here after Sandy Hook Trutherism cost her her job, shared her mother’s Connecticut death certificate. The anomalies and signs of forgery supposedly so evident in Noah Pozner’s certificate – different fonts, different shadings, handwriting – are exactly duplicated here.


A sane, intelligent person can see the implications pretty easily. Tony acknowledges that the death certificate is genuine, meaning that Noah Pozner in fact died, which means that Lenny Pozner is telling the truth. Even in the face of this plain logic, Diane Jakopovic isn’t ready to give up hope just yet:

Screenshot - 05042016 - 02:21:58 PM

Notice how the supposed evidence has instantly shifted 180 degrees, from “Noah’s is an obvious forgery” to “Noah’s is an undetectable forgery”. The thread comes to an abrupt end as the morons choose to ignore this inconvenient information, but we’ll watch for further developments in this area.